Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Volunteer Opportunity: BDYM is looking for Nimble Networkers to join its marketing/media team

Nimble Networker

Are you what others would consider a “well-connected” person?  Do you know how to navigate social media to find the top influencers in Detroit and youth development?  Do you believe that there is power in numbers?  Then the Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM) is the place for you!

The BDYM is looking for Nimble Networkers to join its marketing/media team.  As one of our Nimble Networkers you will be responsible for interacting with like-minded individuals and organizations on their social media presences.  You will also play a role fostering relationships with your connections on behalf of BDYM, utilizing the work of our Witty Writers and Better Broadcasters when necessary.  By doing this, our Nimble Networkers play a big part in building the overall brand of BDYM as a coalition of positive resources to empower the city's children.

Great opportunity for:

  • Building connections for future opportunities
  • Reputation management experience
  • Aspiring social media professionals

In short, what you'll do is:

  • Determine key influencers in youth/community development
  • Connect with like-minded organizations' and their online presences
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with connections

What it takes:

  • Maintain professionalism in fostering relationships
  • Consistent internet access
  • Ability to navigate social media platforms

For more information or to apply send an email to cfbrown89@gmail.com and cwech@yahoo.com.  Previous work samples are welcomed!

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